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Spine Research Group

Mission, vision and Goals:

The spine research Group of Sports medicine research center was formally established on January 2011to run innovative basic and clinical researches on diagnostic, preventions and treatment of spine related disorders. The aim of this group is to foster the spine related researches with special focus on low back pain and neck pain as global health issues. The members of this group collaborate on research related to spinal disorders and meet each other monthly to discuss on new research projects and to report the progression of ongoing projects.

The main interests of team members are as follow:

  • Finding risk factors, causes and proper therapeutic interventions for low back pain in athletes
  • Neck pain in athletes
  • Non-surgical treatment of Neck pain/Low back pain
  • Exercise therapy in spinal disorders
  • Epidemiologic studies on low back pain and neck pain population in the country
  • Surface EMG studies for diagnosis, risk prediction and prevention of LBP in patients and athletes
  • Ultrasound implications in diagnosis and rehabilitation of patients with Low back pain/Neck pain


  • Ramin Kordi , (MD) (MSC)(PhD), Assistant Professor, Director of the spine group
  • Pardis Nourmphamadpour (MD) , Resident of Sports Medicine,Co-director of the spine group and Research Fellow
  • Mohsen rostami, Medical student and Research Fellow
  • Ruhollah Nourian ,( MD), Resident of Sports Medicine and Research Fellow
  • Mohamad Ali Mansournia (MD)(MPH)(PhD)
  • Majid Ansari , (MD) , Specialist of Sports Medicine and Researcher
  • Ali Samadpour ,( MD), Resident of Sports Medicine and Researcher
  • Mohamad Pourgharib ,( MD), Resident of Sports Medicine and Researcher
  • Fatemeh Taghdir ,( MD), Resident of Sports Medicine and Researcher
  • Sara Lotfiyan ,( MD), Resident of Sports Medicine and Researcher
  • Sima Borna,(MD), Resident of Sports Medicine and Researcher
  • Negin Noorian ,( MD), Researcher
  • Mona Ameli ,( MD), Researcher
  • Farough Taee , Medical student and Researcher
  • Navid Moghadam , Medical student and Researcher
  • Mahshid Mortazavi , Medical student and Researcher
  • Farzin Farahbakhsh , Medical student and Researcher
  • Mahboobe Kordi , (MSc), Researcher

Recent Papers:

  • Kordi R , Rostami M .Low Back Pain in Children and Adolescents:An Algorithmic Clinical Approach.Iran J Pediatr 2011 ; Sep;21(3),259-270
  • Kordi R, Rostami M, Noormohammadpoor , Mansournia MA. The effect of food consumption on the thickness of abdominal muscles, employing ultrasound measurements. European Spine Journal. 2011 Aug;20(8):1312-7.
  • Kordi R, Aabedi A, Rostami M, Noormohammadpoor , Mansournia MA. Relationships Among Lateral Abdominal Muscles thickness, Body Mass Index, and Skin Fold Thickness. Submitted
  • Kordi R, Khosravi Sh, Rostami M, Mansournia MA; Vasheghani-Farahani F. The effect of lumbopelvic belt, pelvic stabilizing exercise and information on pregnant women with pelvic girdle pain; a randomized controlled trial. Submitted
  • Kordi R , Dehghani S and Noormohampor P. Effect of abdominal resistance exercise on abdominal subcutaneous fat using ultrasound measurement in obese women: a randomized controlled trial. Submitted
  • Nourmohamadpour P , Kordi R , Dehghani S , Rostami M , The effect of abdominal muscle resistance training and energy restricted diet on lateral abdominal muscle thichness of overweight and obese women, Journal of Bodywork and Movement. DOI:10.1016/j.jbmt.2011.12.001
  • Kordi R, Rostami M , Nourmohamad pour P , Letter to the Editor: Other Interventions in Approach to Lumbar Disorders. 2012 (4: 14), DOI:10.1177/1941738111431062

On going Projects:

  • Risk factors of low back pain in youth volleyball players: a case-control study
  • Risk factors of low back pain in off-road cyclists: a case-control study
  • Prevalence of low back pain in Tehran, a cross sectional study
  • Lateral abdominal muscles thickness in professional football player with low back pain, a case control study
  • Evaluation of changes due to application of lumbar supports in lateral abdominal muscle thickness measured by ultrasound, a single blinded randomized controlled trial
  • Computer- tailored internet-delivered intervention for low back pain treatment, a randomised control field trial
  • Low back pain in children girls with and without hyper mobility syndrome, prevalence and risk factors, a case control study
  • Timing profile of post food consumption measurement of transabdominal muscle thickness in comparison to pre-food
  • The role of core stability exercises in treatment of nurses with chronic low back pain; a single blinded randomised controlled trial
  • Validity and reliability of the Persian version of Fear-Avoidance Beliefs Questionnaire for low back pain
  • Designing and making a device that can be used in corstability exercises in treatment of low back pain Cross-validation of the method to predict body fat for minimum


  • Low back pain handbook.
    Kordi R , 2009, Nashr Shahr:Tehran, 100 pages


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  • Address: No.7, Al-e Ahmad Highway . Sports Medicine Research Centre Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran , Iran
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