Friday June 22 , 2018

Dr. Mohsen Rostami

Dr. Mohsen Rostami

Mohsen Rostami was born on September 30, 1987 in Ahwaz, Iran. In 2007, while he was a young medical student, he joined the sports Medicine Research Center (SMRC) as a researcher. At SMRC, Under the mentorship of Dr. Kordi, he was trained in basic and advanced clinical and research aspects of spine and sports medicine.

He now works as an Associate Research Fellow in the Spine group of the SMRC and the majority of his current activities has focused on research in the field of spinal pain. He involves across a range of research projects as well as education of young students, generation of new research approaches, use of research methodologies and techniques appropriate to the type of research and contribution to the development of new research strategies for the group.

His fields of interests are as follow:

  • The epidemiology and risk factors of Low Back Pain in general Population/athletes
  • The role of core stability exercises in treatment of patients with Low Back Pain
  • Low back pain in children and adolescents; Risk factors and therapeutic interventions
  • Classification of patients with Low Back Pain to receive proper therapeutic interventions
  • Comparison between EMG and Ultrasonographic findings of transabdominal muscles of wrestlers with and without low back pain

He has published about 20 refereed papers in academic journals, mostly in the field of musculoskeletal complaints and sports medicine. He has also peer reviewed articles for some professional journals. In addition, he has instructed many courses and workshops in development of research skills of under/Post graduate students of TUMS.


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