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Ruhollah Nourian


Surname/Family name : Ruhollah Nourian

Address: No. 7, Al-e Ahmad Highway. Sports Medicine Research Center, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran. P.O Box: 14395-578

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Phone number: +98(21)88630227-8, +989125146315

Date of birth: 03/21/1979

Educational history:

 2008- present:

Resident of  Sports and Exercise Medicine in Tehran University of Medical Sciences

(2006 )MD:

Medicine Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Current position: Chief resident of Sports and Exercise Medicine

Research and training history:

Short courses:

  •  Research Methodology : In Sports Medicine Research Center of Tehran university (2005)
  •  Massage therapy : In Sports Medicine Research Center (2006)
  •  AFSM team physician advanced course with the theme of "imaging in sports injuries: In Pre congress course of 11th Asian Federation of Sports Medicine Congress (2008)
  •  Risk factors causing football injuries : International congress on science and football(2009)
  •  Encountering emergency situation in football focusing in head injuries: In International congress on science and football

Projects and Researches Information:

  • Exercise-induced bronchospasm among new students of Tehran University of Medical Sciences.(2004)
  •  An evaluation of the sports medicine problem of wrestlers in Tehran, a baseline study.(2004)
  •  An evaluation of the sports injuries/illnesses in wrestlers in Tehran, a comparison between cohort and retrospective cross sectional survey. (2005)
  •  An evaluation of the Attributed Risk of hepatitis B virus infection in wrestlers in Tehran.(2005)
  • An evaluation of prevalence of hepatitis C virus infection in wrestlers in Tehran.(2005)
  •  Exercise-induced asthma screening among 7-15 years old soccer player children in Shar-e Rey. (2006)
  •  Effect of Ramadan Fasting on Physical Activity level of 25 -55 years old volunteers in Isfahan and Semnan provinces in 1388 .(2009)
  •  Physical fitness level assessment among firefighters of National Iranian Petrochemical Company, a cross sectional study. (2010)

Current projects:

  •  Incidence of futsal related injuries in recreational futsalists; a prospective study (2010-2011)
  •  Designing and developing of a field test for diagnosis of exercise induced bronchospasm in soccer players ,in a pilot study.(2011)

Teaching experience:

  •  Sports Medicine course for 2nd year medical students( Since 2009)
  • Anatomy for grade 3 Wushu coaches (2010)
  •  Physiology for grade 3 Wushu coaches (2010)
  • Nutrition for grade 2 & 3 Wushu coaches (2010)
  •  Nutrition for grade 3 Fencing coaches (2010)


  • A study of pre-marriage family planning training effectiveness on clients' knowledge and related factors in centers under the coverage of Tehran's South Health Center during the second half of 1382. Thesis for MD; Registration no. 19245 (2006)
  • Kordi R, Mansournai MR, Nourian R, and Wallace WA. Cauliflower ear and skin infections among wrestlers in Tehran. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, 2007; 6(CSSI-2), 39-44.
  • Ziaee V, Yousefi A, Movahedi M, Mehrkhani F, and Nourian R. The prevalence of exercise-induced bronchospasm in soccer player children, ages 7 to 16 years. Iranian Journal of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, 2007; 6(1):33-36
  • Bavarian B, Mehrkhani F, Ziaee V, Yousefi A, and Nourian R. Sensitivity and specificity of self-reported symptoms for exercise-induced bronchospasm diagnosis in children. Iranian Journal of Pediatrics, 2009; 19(1): 47-51
  • Kordi R, Nasiri GH, Nourian R, and Farzi H. Work related physical fitness levels of the Iranian National Petrochemical Company firefighters. Submitted
  • Kordi R, Nourian R, Ghayour M, Kordi M, Younesian A. Development and evaluation of a basic physical and sports activity program for preschool children in nurseries in Iran: an interventional study. Submitted.
  • Kordi R, Nourian R, Rostami M, wallace WA. Percentage of body fat and weight gain in participants in the Tehran highschool wrestling championship. Submitted.

Abstracts, Poster Presentations and Exhibits Presented at Professional Meetings:

Spirometric findings of the Iranian premier football league referees. Oral presentation in 4th AFC Conference on Science and Football Medicine, 2011.

Professional memberships:

  • The Medical Council of IR Iran Member (2006)
  • Iranian Association of Sports and Exercise Medicine Member (2010)